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Imagine life today without credit, without Interac, how much more time and thought would have to go into your day, to always ensure that you had the proper amount of cash on hand, that every plan had to allot time in which to go to the ATM. And worse, that if you were just a little short, panic begins to set in, how do you cover it? What are your options? What can you do to make up for such a small difference?

We understand that not everyone has cash every minute of the day, some individuals are on a fixed income, some are using the services through other individuals such as employers. Having the ability to use our services without the expectation of payment every trip is not only a stress relief but allows you the freedom of travel within your parameters.

Our company instituted account services specifically to give the consumer this ability. To have a predetermined agreement arranged in which to allow you the freedom to travel without the hassle of sorting out your finances every step of the way. Whether for yourself, a loved one, or your employees, our account services give you the option of “ride now, pay later” in order to ensure that you are always taken care of.

How do I set up an account?
By calling our offices you can speak with an Account Services Representative in order to begin the account process. It is a relatively quick procedure, which allows us to tailor an account to your needs. Whether you are setting up a weekly pickup account for your aging relative to go to doctors appointments, or setting up an account for employees to always have an option of a taxi home if needed, we have your needs covered.

When do I pay?
Each account is set up much like your phone bill, at the end of the month, usage is tallied and a bill is sent out to you. For your ease, we always allow for pre-authorised payments to a bank account of credit card, whether personal or business is nature. The payment step is designed in a way so as not to be the focus of your services. With one summed up bill, written in plain wording so that anyone can understand the total gives you control over your account, and allows for easy conversation if ever an issue arises.

Can someone else charge to my account?
If your account is personal, only those with authorization from you, whether in advance or on an on-call basis can charge to your account. If you have an account with us, but a relative or friend is in need of transportation, you can call ahead to their pick-up and preauthorise for them to use your account. Or set it up so that your mother, spouse, or children can use your account when need be at the time of account creation. Your account is yours, and we treat each account with privacy and professionalism.

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