Battery Boosting

Most people, when asked on theĀ topic, will assume that a taxi service is a simply to and from means of transportation to the mall, home from the bar, or to go shopping. After all, those are the most prevalent times in which people call for a taxi, and so of course would be the first circumstances thought of if asked what exactly it is that taxi drivers do.

But did you know that calling a cab could save your life? Ok, maybe we don’t need to be so dramatic, but someone coming along with a pair of jumper cables as you’re stranded on the side of the road with a dead battery can sure seem like a life saver. It’s a fear of many motorists, especially with older cars, and laying out $200 plus on a new battery just isn’t in your financial “musts” at the present time.

Whether bad weather or bad luck, being stuck in the middle or the side of the road with a dead batter is a situation almost no driver wants to be in, and we understand the necessity to have the situation remedied as soon as possible. Which is why we offer a round the clock battery boosting service for emergencies such as those that are difficult to predict and even harder to handle when you’re in the situation itself.

With a simple call to our offices, we can dispatch a driver with the means of getting up and running again in no time, and in case it’s a situation that turns out to be more than a battery issue, there’s something to be said in the security that there is someone right there willing and able to get you to another destination quickly and safely.

Being stranded with a dead battery is a disheartening situation as it is, in unfamiliar areas, especially at night, it can be downright scary. It’s not like you can pick your car up, put it in your pocket and walk away. Now you’re not only responsible for your own well being, but in managing a 2,000 lb piece of inoperable machinery that you can’t just abandon.

Each of our cars is equipped with a pair of jumper cables in the trunk for just such emergencies. Whether your battery died in the parking lot of a shopping mall, you can rest assured knowing you can walk over to the taxi waiting area and ask for a hand. Or if you’re coming into town, and things go black on an unfamiliar road, with no idea where you are.

Our drivers are not only helpful in the regard of getting to you and getting you on your way, but also in knowing the city so well, we can usually track down your location with a few tidbits of information and a couple of visual clues. We are determined that you are on the move, whether in your own car or in ours, and will do everything we can to see to it that you are on your way once more.

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