Casino Trips

The casino is not only a destination for those with hopes of striking it rich. Many events and functions can take place on the casino floor, and our friendly drivers are well aware of the lure of the shining bright lights and sounds of the casino floor. We are regularly bringing customers to and from the front doors of the Sugarhouse, Parx, Harrah’s and Foxwoods to name a few.

Whether your ambition is to play the nickel slots, or sit at the high roller’s table, getting to and from the casino is always the first step of your evening’s plans. As with any venue which draws large crowds on a nightly basis, parking can be the number one hassle of your trip there. By the time you arrive, locate a spot, get your ticket, etc you have already used a good portion of your time set aside for the evening.

A lot of casinos offer shuttle service, which can be a great boon in avoiding the parking hassle, but in order to take advantage of that service, not only do you need to be in a particular location, but also running on the schedule of the shuttle service itself, rather than being able to formulate your own timeframe in which to spend your evening.

As well, with any casino, alcohol is always an option, and even in responsibly taking the shuttle service on the way back, how are you going to get from your drop off location to your home afterward? Unless you happen to live directly along the shuttle services route, there is still one more step in terms of planning that must be made in order to finish your trip back home.

By calling a taxi, you are not only assuring that you will arrive and depart on your own schedule, but that you can go directly from your home, to the casino doors, and return with the same efficiency. Why spend time waiting for something that can be attained immediately? Especially if you happened to strike it big and need to quickly get your pockets full of cash to a safe and familiar location?

Our taxi service offers a full service pick up and drop off with pre-scheduling. But phoning ahead the day of, or the day before, you can set your timeline in which to be picked up at home, and dropped off again at the end of the evening. Not only does this add the security of knowing that you won’t have to be standing around waiting at any time, but also offers a few benefits that some don’t often think of.

By setting yourself a schedule, you give yourself the capability to monitor your spending. If you know you have a ride that will be waiting for you outside in 20 minutes, you may be less inclined to keep playing at a particular spot, reducing your chances of spending more than you originally intended. Also, by paying for your evenings service up front, you also have the safety in knowing that you can arrive at home at the end of the night without any surprise expenses.

It makes sense to monitor your money and potential losses, it also makes sense to ensure that you can arrive to and from your destination safely and quickly.

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