Booking/Scheduled Pickups

They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and that holds true no matter what your journey is. In order to have as smooth and time efficient time as possible, one must begin with a good plan. Our service realizes this, and knows the importance of discerning your itinerary before your plans begin. This is why we offer both on-call service, and scheduled bookings to our customer base.

By planning ahead, you give yourself the capability to focus on your plans, rather than waiting for your transportation to arrive between destinations. Which in turn, not only allows you to accomplish more in the day, but gives you a relaxed time in which to do things. Our phone staff will work with you no matter your needs, in order to ensure that your time is maximized within your day.

A booking is simply a matter of allotting a specific time in which to book services. If you have many places to be in quick succession, we allow drivers to be booked for a predetermined allotted time. Say you need to go to the post office, then the bank, then the drug store, and a few other quick stops before heading back home, calling a taxi for each destination not only compounds the amount of time you spend waiting for a cab, but can turn out to be much more costly.

By booking a driver to pick you up at your starting location, and bring you to your subsequent destinations, you give yourself the capability to handle your day on your own terms. Knowing that once you step out of each target location, there is a vehicle waiting for you, you have the freedom to maximize your time, rather than having to factor in various wait times.

Scheduled Pick-Up
If your destinations require a much longer stay between trips, we offer scheduled pick-ups to suit your needs as well. By calling ahead and booking various pick-up and drop-off times during the day, you are ensuring that you never have to worry about when your next taxi is coming. Say you have a date planned, and wish to be picked up at home, your date picked up at theirs, dropped off for dinner, then picked up afterwards, dropped off for a movie, picked up and dropped off at home at the end of the night, then scheduling that block of time in advance is a good call, both for efficiency, but also to ensure the evening continues smoothly and uninterrupted.

By calling ahead with your various pick-up and drop-off times and locations, our phone staff will lay out an itinerary for our driver to ensure that you are always seeing our taxi waiting for you when you exit a building. We understand the value of time in today’s day in age, and are always striving to save you that time in order to do what it is you want to do. By booking either a block of time in advance, or setting a schedule to operate by, you are saving yourself time to invest back into your own lives.

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