Did you know that in 2020, over $3 billion worth of gift cards went unclaimed? Cards are becoming an increasingly popular gift idea, and yet, as the previous fact shows, not everyone is necessarily keen on the idea of receiving one. It is with this knowledge that our taxi company handles gift cards differently than other companies out there. We don’t view gifts cards as a final sale, but as an investment, an insurance policy if you will.

Not only do our gift cards not have an expiration date, but they are also not final sale. That’s right, you heard correctly. If you buy one of our gift cards for a friend who recently, unknown to you, just bought a car, they have the option of keeping the card for emergency purposes, re-gifting it to another individual, or refunding it to us for the total value. Why do we do this? Our goal is not to ensure that we are making the capitalizing off your “mistake”.

When you buy a gift card, you are giving our company money in the anticipation of spending it eventually, but what if you don’t? What if something comes up that is more important, that you need the money for right then? We offer a no questions, no hassle card return in anticipation that sometimes, life happens, and sometimes a gift card isn’t really what an individual needs.

On the other hand, another portion of the consumer base can really use a gift card, a pre-paid, no-worry ability to travel via our taxi service without needing to dig through their wallet. Imagine being stranded, between pay, no cash on hand and far from home, it would really be helpful at that time to have an ability to pay for a ride. Or even less dramatic, to alleviate some of the financial burden from a  friend or loved on who relies heavily on taxi services, to give them a period of time in which they have their transportation pre-paid.

A gift card can be a great boon to an individual who needs the service at whatever given time without needing to worry about how to pay for it. And we see gift cards as exactly what they are intended to be, gifts. And we would much rather see our cards go to use, or be recycled into the system than to know they are sitting unused in a back drawer somewhere in your home, eternally forgotten.

In our financial times, every penny counts, and we deliver than ideal to our customers, by ensuring that not only is their money well spent by using our service, but that their money is viewed as importantly given to our company or in our customers wallets. We firmly believe that by treating our customers money with respect, will generate more business in the future, and therefore secure the company financially. Know that we are as invested in you as you are in us, and by allowing you the freedom to control your gifts to others, allows you control over your own financial security.

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