With it’s many event centers and venues to choose from, Philadelphia has no lack of places to choose from when it comes to planning or attending a special event. Whether heading to watch the puck drop on a Fliers game at the Wells Fargo Center, or attending a black tie affair at the Arts gala, your choice of venue is as limitless as can be.

We understand that the key word in special event is “special” and your experience should be none the different. Our experienced drivers not only know the ins and outs of how to get to each destination, but also the fastest routes to and from your pick up location to where it is you need to be.

Our booking service gives you an extra advantage in being able to designate your pick up and drop off times in advance to ensure that you can remain focused on the event in which you’re partaking and not needing to worry about the how’s and why’s of transportation. By booking your ride in advance, you have the ability to always have a ride waiting for you when you need it, rather than taking the time to call and wait or hoping to flag down a taxi in what could be a crowded sea of people hoping to do the same thing at the same time.

Whether your event necessitates transportation for you alone or for a group of people, our services will have you covered in comfort and convenience. All it takes is a call to our offices and we can set you up for the evening with a solo car or van transportation to ensure that not only is your transportation available, but that it can comfortable accommodate all passengers needing to get to and from the venue with you.

Our cars come equipped with side door hangers as well to ensure that you have the ability to comfortably travel with any necessary clothing or equipment and not have to worry about them being crumpled in the trunk, or dirty on the floor. Simply hang your clothes prior to getting into the car and you can keep them hung and straight throughout your journey, assuring that you can arrive in style or get into style upon arrival.

With any good evening out comes the chance to also partake in alcoholic beverages, and those in the know, know better than to attempt to drive home under any level of intoxication. By securing transportation beforehand, or even last minute, you are ensuring not only your own safety, but the safety of passengers in your car, or other motorists and pedestrians by not taking the chance to drive yourself. Your safety is our number one concern, and the safety of those around you is encompassed in that philosophy. Don’t take the chance, call a cab and arrive alive.

No matter your choice of activity, we will be glad to provide you with the means in which to get to your destination and back in safety and comfort, so call us today to book now, or ahead, we are at your service.

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